Top 10 Poisonous Plants in the UK | THIS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Being outside is fantastic for your mental health but there are some noxious weeds that can be dangerous to your health… some even lethal. Some could be growing in your garden, local woodland or even near to a child’s play park.

Join me on a poisonous plant hunt where I show how to identify 10 of them growing wild in the UK.

10 points to those who spot the ‘Brecon Beacons’ comment 😂😊

Huge thanks to Bristol City Council for assisting with this mission.

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Giant Hogweed – Heracleum mantegazzianum
Hemlock waterdrop wart – Oenanthe crocata
Water Hemlock, Dead Mans Fingers, Dead Tongue
Hemlock- Conium maculatum
Poison hemlock
Wolfsbane – Aconitum napellus
Spurge- genus Euphorbia
Euphorbia amygdaloides
Foxglove – Digitalis purpurea
Lords and ladies- Arum maculatum
Dogs mercury – Mercurialis perennis
Deadly nightshade – Atropa belladonna (Actually Solanum Dulcamara similar also highly toxic)
Ragwort – Senecio jacobaea

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1 Response to Top 10 Poisonous Plants in the UK | THIS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

  1. Yes, my garden is not child safe either … I have wolfsbane, laburnum, foxglove, lily of the valley, and wild euphorbia, of what I know is poisonous … and potato plants … 😉

    The giant hogweed is banned in Denmark. When one sees a plant, one is supposed to notify the authorities, and they will destroy it. Growing it on one’s land can lead to severe fines.

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