Sci-Fi Short Film: “Floreana” | DUST

On a remote island in the future, people are training for an important mission. Take a look at the mechanics of this training facility and the creatures within.

“Floreana” by Louis Morton

Connect with the Filmmakers:

“Floreana” Credits:
Written and Directed by Nic Collins and Jake Andrews
Producer TJ Connor
Executive Producer Danny Lepthien
Starring Paige Klone and Matt Pratt
Director of Photography Dustin Supencheck
Production and Costume Design Angelica Malerba
Associate Producer Six14 Productions
Editor Nic Collins
VFX Austin Brown
Additional VFX Simian Design
Assistant Director Nick Johnson
Sound Design Kevin Burns
Music Marcus Drake and The IntraEnvrionmental Sound Project
Production Assistant Liliana Sterling


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