Sci-Fi Short Film: “Kernel” | DUST

When the world has been pushed past breaking point, an aging neurobotanist collects and preserves what little of value remains.

“Kernel” by Olly Skillman-Wilson

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More About “Kernel”:
The world has become a place where information is tightly filtered and controlled, expelled into the air like a thick smog.
Leonard Paisley is an ageing neurobotanist, his life work to preserve the knowledge of the past in his biome. When some equipment malfunctions his commitment is tested.

“Kernel” Credits:
Olly Skillman-Wilson: Director, Writer, Lighting Artist
Laurence Nairne: Creative Producer, Script Editor, Animator
Charlie Minnion: Lead Compositor, Editor, Storyboard Artist
Hugh Herbert: Writer, Animator
Dan Emmerson: Animation Director
Luke Jefferson: Rigging, Texturing, Technical Director
Kai Fraser: Dynamics, Stereography
Liam Fraser: Dynamics, Stereography
Jake Jones: Modelling, Texturing, Compositing
Ryan Mace: Modelling, Texturing, Compositing
Nigel Kitts: Lead Texture Artist, Animator
Alan Matthewman: Fluid Dynamics, Cloth Simulation

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