More and More Humans Have an Extra Artery, Proof of Ongoing Evolution | My Modern Met

By Madeleine Muzdakis on September 3, 2021

“If this trend continues, a majority of people will have median artery of the forearm by 2100.“

Opposable thumbs and walking upright are just two of the many developments brought on by the process of human evolution over many millennia. It may seem that humans are a “stable” species—fully decided in our anatomy with little variation over the generations. However, this is not exactly true. Humans are still evolving. A new study published in the Journal of Anatomy has found that over the past century, more and more humans have a third artery in their forearm in addition to the previously typical two.

This research on human evolution was conducted by Dr. Teghan Lucas at Flinders University and Professor Maciej Henneberg and Dr. Jaliya Kumaratilake at the University of Adelaide. The team focused on the forearm, which typically contains the radial and ulnar arteries. They examined 80 forearms of cadavers donated to science by Australians of European descent. Aged 51 to 101, the individuals were all born in the 20th century. The team found that 30% of these modern Australians had a sizable third central artery in their forearms, known as the median artery. […]

Source: More and More Humans Have an Extra Artery, Proof of Ongoing Evolution

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