The Mystery of Earth’s Disappearing Giants | IN OUR NATURE


Seemingly distant ecosystems, even half a world apart, are connected in surprising ways. In this special limited series, Emily Graslie and Trace Dominguez join me as we explore the universal rules of life that tie together Earth’s living systems. In episode 6, we investigate a mystery. Millennia ago, while much of the Earth was covered in ice, enormous animals lived on every continent except Antarctica. Species like ground sloths, mammoths, gomphotheres, sabertooth cats, even wombats the size of cars! Today, Africa is the only continent where these megafaunas still exist. Why? What happened to the rest of Earth’s giants?

In Our Nature is a special miniseries produced by It’s Okay To Be Smart for PBS. Stay tuned for more episodes coming this summer, here on our YouTube channel!

Original Production Funding provided by: Anne Ray Foundation, a Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropy


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