Massive Flower Mural Sprouts From Jersey City Skyline

By Margherita Cole on September 25, 2021

“Shauquethqueat’s Eutrochium,” Jersey City, 2021

Art brings nature to the city skyline!

Wildflowers aren’t commonly found in urban spaces, but artist Mona Caron is slowly changing that fact. The San Francisco-based artist creates massive murals of plant lifeas part of her ongoing WEEDS series. Her newest addition is a 20-story mural of a flower that sprouts from the Jersey City skyline.

Commissioned by the Jersey City Mural Arts Program, the piece depicts a plant that is native to the site called Eutrochium. Caron captures one of these wildflowers in exquisite detail and places it against a stark black background that enhances the red-and-green palette of the plant. In this way, the format of the painting recalls vintage botanical illustrations.[…]

Source: Massive Flower Mural Sprouts From Jersey City Skyline

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