Musicians Performed a Concert on a Giant Floating Violin in Venice

By Jessica Stewart on September 24, 2021

This surreal art performance celebrates the rebirth of art, music, and culture, after a long year of pandemic isolation.

Venetian artist Livio de Marchi has spent his life combining his woodworking skills with his imagination to create incredible sculptures. With Noah’s Violin, he is marking life post-lockdown by creating a giant violin to float through the city’s canals. Symbolizing the rebirth of art, music, and culture in a new era, the violin set sail along the Grand Canal with musicians aboard who performed Vivaldi.

The violin is nearly 40 feet long and 13 feet wide and is inspired by one of de Marchi’s paintings. The artist worked with other local artisans, artists, and technicians to bring his vision to life. In the end, the group created a magnificent floating instrument that was able to support the weight of the performers who played music during a city-wide sailing parade.

After an initial test run in July, the official launch of Noah’s Violin was a success. In bringing together a wide variety of creatives, the violin was able to unite the city in a time of crisis, and the floating concert was the grand finale that de Marchi envisioned.

Noah’s Violin, even before being launched, had accomplished its goal, which was to set in motion a system that saw the union of art, craftsmanship, technique, and, finally, city institutions,” wrote de Marchi’s gallery. […]

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