The Planets Are Weirdly In Sync


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Orbital Resonance
Incredibly, three of the four largest moons of Jupiter (Ganymede, Europa and Io) have orbital periods that are whole number ratios with each other (1:2:4). The big gap in Saturn’s rings is caused by a moon much further out that has an orbital period double that of the gap! We’ve even found exoplanet systems with these patterns. They’re all the result of orbital resonance. This video explains how that mechanism works.

CORRECTION: In the video I say that Ganymede, Europa and Io are the largest moons are jupiter. Actually here are the 4 largest moons from largest to smallest:


Here’s my video on resonance:

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This is the Veritasium video mentioned at the start:

Here’s the paper I found that explains orbital resonance:…

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