Solving the mystery of the impossible cord.

STEVE MOULD FACE REVEAL! Check out Steve’s 10^6 subscriber Q+A with me cosplaying as Steve.…

UPDATE: We have a proof that if a cable goes back and forth under a handle an equal number of times it can always be removed! Thanks to Henry Segerman. (It does assume the cord itself is not knotted.)…

Huge thanks to Susan Okereke for helping out with the video.

Check out her podcast with Bobby Seagull: Maths Appeal…

This is the reddit post Steve mentioned.…

Whitehead link…

Cheers to my Patreon supporters. Without them I could not have afforded Steve’s exorbitant YouTube consultancy rates.

– I never make mistakes.

Filming by Steve Mould, Alex Genn-Bash and Matt Parker
Editing by by Alex Genn-Bash
Music by Howard Carter
Design by Simon Wright and Adam Robinson

MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician
US book:…
UK book:…

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