About the Nahuatl language


Check out the Paleogloss channel (Nahuatl poem):
Check out Odilon Bautista’s channel (the Nahuatl song singer): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBy…

Today we are discovering the language of the Aztecs – Nahuatl! Yes, it is still a living language, and it is the most widespread indigenous language in Mexico. Learn about the modern day Aztecs and their beautiful language in this video 🙂

Music used:
Yolteotl – Yaokuauhtli

Alysha Sheldon – Nights in Mexico
Timothy Infinite – Caderas
Odilon Bautista Nawawika – Xikajokwi ni Xochitl / Guarda esta flor

Videos used:
Otro Chalkayotl – Classical Nahuatl Poem

Nahuatl de Guerrero, Asi se Habla y Escucha.

Matikamatikaj náhuatl-Hablemos náhuatl

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  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t open the music videos, I got error messages.


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