These Beautiful Buttercream Cakes Look Like Colorful Fiber Art | My Modern Met

By Sara Barnes on December 7, 2021

“Let’s just say that my cake/creative time usually happens between the hours of 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. at night.”

For some folks, food is a form of artistic expression. Cakes, in particular, offer an unconventional canvas from which creative bakers can craft edible sculptures. Lauren Wodnicki, aka Lauren Loves Cake, creates confections that are as beautiful as they are tasty. Inspired by handicrafts like macramé and weaving, she uses buttercream to fashion an array of amazing desserts. When complete, they look like tapestries that are complete with intricate knotting and even beading.

Wodnicki became interested in cake decorating after deciding that she would make the cake for her nuptials eight years ago. “Our wedding cake was my first attempt at a decorated cake, and a tiered cake at that,” she tells My Modern Met. “It was four tiers and, in hindsight, very simply decorated. But, it was a big accomplishment at the time!”

From there, Wodnicki refined her decorating skills and discovered styles that she is “really passionate about.” Texture is a major interest of hers. “I just love the texture and dimension of knit/woven/macramé designs on a cake,” she shares. “I am definitely not the first decorator to put some sort of ‘fiber art’ decoration on a cake, but I think I have come into my own style and my color palettes make my designs unique. All my designs are piped (using bags and piping tips) in buttercream.”

Wodnicki has developed her craft alongside working a full-time job in healthcare and taking care of two little kids. […]

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