This Canadian Fusion Reactor Could be Built by 2025

General Fusion is a Canadian company developing a reactor that uses steam pistons to achieve fusion! And they’re planning on building a fusion demonstration plant by 2025! In this video I explore how fusion works in the sun, how fusion reactors will work on Earth, and how simple steam pistons could be the answer to the technical challenges facing commercial fusion electricity generation.

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Footage of General Fusion’s reactor designs is from General Fusion’s YouTube channel.
Footage of the sun is from NASA.
Footage of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is from Ontario Power Generation.

How Fusion & Fusion Reactors Work:……………
History of Fusion:……………
General Fusion:

General Fusion – Clean energy. Everywhere. Forever.………

0:00 Introduction
0:30 The Physics of Fusion
3:15 Why Fusion is so Hard
4:29 General Fusion’s Piston Powered Reactor
6:18 Why Fusion?

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