The Government Just Took Away YOUR FREEDOM | George Monbiot

“Boris Johnson is the most dangerous Prime Minister we’ve had in the entire democratic era”

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2 Responses to The Government Just Took Away YOUR FREEDOM | George Monbiot

  1. This is much worse than what you mentioned before. I am flabbergasted.

    We had a phase like that last year, when parliament was completely paralized and let our minister of state do whatever she wanted. Last winter they suddenly woke up from their Sleeping Beauty sleep and started to react. Their not reacting was based on fear of Corona, so anything went. The stunt with the minks broke the trance, I think. Now our minister of state is under investigation for both, the singlehanded decision to close the entire country down in March 2020, and for the illegal decision to kill all minks in Denmark in October 2020. (Not that I am in favour of mink farms, but her decision was illegal.) I don’t think that anything will come out of it, as all sms-messages and emails connected to these decisions have been erased, surprise, surprise.

    I think there is a right slide in the entire world. It started slowly, but it is picking up speed now. And the politicians become more openly and shamelessly corrupt and laugh at the stupid citizens who voted for them.

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