All 8 Species of Bear (+7 Subspecies You Haven’t Heard Of)

There are 8 species of bear found on 4 of the 7 continents. From the gigantic polar bears of the Arctic to the tiny sun bears of Southeast Asia, the Ursidae family also contains many interesting subspecies featuring a wide range of colour morphs. In this guide, we’ll explore 15 species/subspecies and where they abide. Let’s dive in!

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 Giant Panda
01:36 Qinling Panda
02:06 Spectacled Bear
03:00 Sloth Bear
03:55 Sun Bear
04:48 Asiatic Black Bear
05:53 American Black Bear
07:01 Cinnamon Bear
07:41 Kermode (Spirit) Bear
08:27 Brown Bear
09:25 Kamchatka Brown Bear
10:12 Himalayan Brown Bear
10:58 Syrian Brown Bear
11:43 Tibetan Blue Bear
12:19 Polar Bear

Media & Attribution
All footage is used under licence from Storyblocks. All images are used under license from Below is a Google Doc containing each section with the photographers’ names. Thank you to everyone who makes their work available for use. Covering all of the wonderful species in these videos would not be possible without your incredible work.…

All of the music used in this video is available at Epidemic Sound. If you need music and would like to support the channel, please find a referral link below.…

Sources & Further Reading
Below is a link to the sources used to create the video.

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