Female Bolivian Skateboarders Shred in Traditional Dress | Kottke

Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr travelled to Bolivia and photographed the members of ImillaSkate, a group of Aymara and Quechua women who skateboard, often in traditional cholita clothing. From a slideshow of photos by Dörr in El Pais (translated from Spanish by Google):

I traveled to Cochabamba in September and was struck by the strong prejudice that exists in Bolivian society against indigenous people. There are medical cholitas or lawyers there who radically change their way of dressing if they go to the city and you hardly see young cholitas. It is a culture that is being lost. However, these women, beyond emboldening girls with sport, show their pride in being cholitas.

Here’s a short documentary about ImillaSkate with English subtitles […]

More: Female Bolivian Skateboarders Shred in Traditional Dress

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2 Responses to Female Bolivian Skateboarders Shred in Traditional Dress | Kottke

  1. Again I have learned something. I was under the impression that the majority of Bolivians was indigenous. I googled Bolivia and found out that is was not so. Maybe I got that impression because most documentaries on TV are from the mountain areas, where most of the indigenous people live.

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    • agogo22 says:

      It was cholenas wearing bowler or hats like these, that first led me to look it up too (in European terms such an unusual style of headwear for women- a “hmm that’s weird ” of both)!

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