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An investigation to identify royal descendants of the Inca civilization

It was the largest empire in pre-Colombian America, extending from its center in modern-day Peru to Colombia in the north and parts of Chile and Argentina in the south. But the Inca Empire fell to the Spanish conquerors nearly five … Continue reading

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The mystery of Machu Picchu: Archaeologists uncover new secrets of Peru’s Inca site • FRANCE 24

We take you on a journey to #Peru’s famed Inca citadel, #MachuPicchu. Perched at an altitude of 2,430 metres, this UNESCO World Heritage site still holds many secrets. Some of them were recently uncovered by #archaeologist José Bastante and a … Continue reading

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From Terreiro to Pagode: The Samba Journey | Cecilia Keuffer-Sterk

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Divina Banda de Cuba: Rebelion “no le pegué a la negra.”

(La Rebelion) Talentoso grupo femenino. […]

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Traditional Cumbia tutorial by Jaime Rodriguez

Colombia has a lot of beautiful rhythms and Cumbia is one of them. The Cumbia in this lesson is the traditional way of playing. Jaime Rodriguez is a great percussion player from Colombia and more info about him and his … Continue reading

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Colombia Traditional Drums & Dance

Colombians Showing their African Heritage

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Meet Victoria boliviana | Kew Gardens

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How Chile’s Socialists Won

Chile’s new president is a 36-year-old socialist, but that might just be the start of the country’s changes. More than 30 years after the end of the U.S.-backed dictatorship, Chile might soon have a brand new constitution, one that Chileans … Continue reading

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Female Bolivian Skateboarders Shred in Traditional Dress | Kottke

Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr travelled to Bolivia and photographed the members of ImillaSkate, a group of Aymara and Quechua women who skateboard, often in traditional cholita clothing. From a slideshow of photos by Dörr in El Pais (translated from Spanish by … Continue reading

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Inca Khipu: The record and writing system made entirely of knots | #CuratorsCorner Ep9 S6

Everybody loves a spreadsheet, right? Well the Inca had their own version of a spreadsheet, and it is likely a major factor in why the Inca empire could expand so rapidly and so successfully. And also, it was done by … Continue reading

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