Why There Are No Parachutes on Passenger Planes

Hey guys! Do you know that there are special, super-big parachutes… for airplanes? But even an airplane can have a parachute of its own, why don’t they supply each passenger on the flight with a personal parachute?! Wouldn’t it save hundreds of lives should a crash happen?

Apparently, the answer is “no, it wouldn’t.” But every commercial airliner has a life-jacket under each seat, so why not shove a little parachute in there as well? Now now, have some patience, because to answer this question, we’ll have to talk about some parachuting basics.

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Parachuting basics 0:52
Why most people wouldn’t even get as far as to get ahold of their chutes 3:00
3,000 extra pounds to the flight’s weight 4:16
Safe height for skydiving 5:25
How about a whole-plane parachute? 6:28

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– Only specially-trained and equipped skydivers jump from altitudes higher than 15,000 ft. Otherwise you risk a lack of oxygen which can lead to confusion at critical times.
– A typical sport parachute and harness weighs about 15 pounds and doesn’t come cheap! All the equipment a skydiver needs to own can cost from $6,000 to $9,000!
– Obviously, it’s impossible to fit a 4-hour skydiving course in a 10-minute-long pre-flight instruction.
– Experts claim that most people wouldn’t even get as far as to get ahold of their chutes.
– On board a commercial airplane that’s going down, there would be about 200 panicking people. Do you think they would patiently wait for their turn to exit the plane?
– If each of 200 passengers on board had a 15-pound parachute of their own, it would add more than 3,000 extra pounds to the flight’s weight.
– Moving along, using a parachute to save your life only makes sense if your plane goes down mid-flight.
– The plane would be moving too fast for the passengers to leave it without smacking the side of the aircraft.
– So far, the largest plane equipped with a parachute can carry 5 people at the most.
– Apparently, a parachute can save a small plane that fits several people, but experts aren’t so sure about big commercial aircraft.
– For a large plane, it would have to be not one parachute, but a system of chutes.
– The idea of a detachable cabin was first suggested by Gleb Kotelnikov, a Russian inventor, in the 1920s.
– This more than 9-decade-old plan is our best hope to ever equip airplanes with parachutes. Not any time soon, but one day – definitely.

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