The Fascinating World Inside of a Piano


Recently I was lucky enough to get a top notch piano technician — Damon Groves on camera to explain all kinds of things related to how pianos work from the inside, how pianos are made, the different parts of the action, how to care for your piano, etc.

Damon is the Head Piano Technician at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He has been maintaining and rebuilding pianos for the past twelve years. He has had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s best pianists including Lang Lang, Alfred Brendel, Chick Corea, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Helene Grimuad and Yuja Wang.

Here are the timestamps for your reference.
(If viewing on a smartphone or tablet, find the timestamps in the pinned comment).

00:53 All of the different parts of a piano action
01:43 Basic key mechanism
02:21 The art of voicing
06:33 The bump at the bottom of the keys (single escapement)
07:46 How dampers work
08:46 Parts that wear out faster
10:04 Ideal conditions for pianos (temperature and humidity)
11:13 Ideal locations for pianos (what not to do)
12:44 How to make the touch lighter or heavier
16:20 How to clean your piano
17:37 New pianos
18:38 Adjusting pianos vs. adjusting TO pianos
19:35 How often you should tune pianos
20:10 Smaller vs. larger pianos
21:17 Advantages of playing on a grand piano
22:59 Tips when looking for a used piano
25:07 Pedals
25:59 The sostenuto “middle” pedal
29:28 Final thoughts

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