What Would It Actually Take For Humans to Hibernate?


So, what would it take for humans to actually hibernate? To answer this, we first need to know why some animals hibernate in the first place. For warm-blooded animals, it can take a lot of energy to maintain a constant body temperature. That can be a really big challenge when their source of energy — food — is scarce. Hibernation is a survival mechanism that conserves energy by lowering the body’s core temperature, slowing the heart rate, and shifting into a lower metabolic state, known as torpor.

For example, when arctic ground squirrels enter hibernation their temperature plummets from 37°C to -3°C and their metabolic rate drops by about 99%. Humans, however, are stuck with a relatively fixed body temperature of 37°C.

Aside from minute variations, like when we sleep, our temperature only changes as a way to signal danger. Like when we’re sick, we get a fever. Just a few degrees off either way can mean death. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule. In 1999, a woman fell while skiing, crashing head first into a frozen stream. When medics arrived 80 minutes later, her body temperature had dropped to 13.7°C, rendering her clinically dead. But she miraculously survived! The extreme cold lowered her metabolism so her brain wasn’t oxygen starved. This can lead to permanent brain damage in a matter of minutes… usually not enough time to make it to the operating table.

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