Facts About SLAVERY They Don’t Teach You at School

This is an excerpt from ‘Intellectuals and Race’ — https://amzn.to/3rknNP4

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1 Response to Facts About SLAVERY They Don’t Teach You at School

  1. It is true that slavery originally was not based on skin colour. The Arabs and the Romans grabbed people from wherever and made them slaves, so did the vikings. But how many centuries did it take the descendants of those first slaves to get over it? it seems to me that the repercussions of black slavery have not yet settled, they are still ongoing. The argument that the descendants are better off now than they would have been in Africa is pure speculation. We don’t know that. Without colonialism Africa might look completely different today. Maybe not like Europe, but people had their own cultures and kingdoms, which were destroyed.
    And the fact that everybody did it, doesn’t make it right.

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