Ukraine through the eyes of Vladimir Putin

At the centre of the greatest crisis Europe has faced since the Second World War is one man – President Vladimir Putin.


In an impassioned address to the nation on Monday he set out in 7,500 rambling words his version of this region’s history.

It is that reading of history which motivates, and he claims justifies, his actions in Ukraine.
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4 Responses to Ukraine through the eyes of Vladimir Putin

  1. It is not entirely on Russia or Putin though. When east Germany fell and was reunited with the west, the western allies promised Russia that NATO would not expand to the east, if they gave slip of east Germany peacefully. Since then, NATO has expanded to the east five times … so, can NATO be trusted?

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  2. ThenaRoss says:

    Vladimir Putin practices Witchcraft

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  3. ThenaRoss says:

    I Think Meghan Markle & Harry are KGB spies For Vladimir Putin


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