Millionaire Dontates Savings to Plant 100K Daffodils, Now in Bloom | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on March 14, 2022

Blooming daffodils in Sidmouth, Devon, England (Photo: worldimage/Depositphotos)

“Every year it brings back memories of this man who did this amazing thing for the town.”

If you take a walk in the picturesque countryside of Sidmouth in southwest England you will be greeted by a beautiful sight. A field of over 150,000 daffodils are blooming in the coastal town, creating a stunning sea of petals that welcomes spring. This annual bloom would not be possible without the donation of a generous investment banker, who left £2.3 million (almost $3 million) to the Sidmouth community association upon his death.

Born in 1938 near Totnes, England, Keith Owens spent 20 years in RAF service before retiring to Ottawa, Canada. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007, he made arrangements with Sidmouth’s countryside conversation society known as the Sid Vale Association to use his estate to “support local projects, which made use of voluntary labour, and in particular to sustain the ambience and way of life, recognized in Sidmouth and its surroundings.”[…]

Source: Millionaire Dontates Savings to Plant 100K Daffodils, Now in Bloom

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