Creative Ads for Kikkoman that Utilize the Iconic Soy Sauce Bottle | Spoon & Tamago

MARCH 27, 2022 / JOHNNY
Berlin-based ad agency Scholz & Friends created this image of soy sauce in a bottle inspired by ukiyo-e artist Hokusai’s iconic “Great Wave”

Soy sauce has become one of Japan’s most-significant culinary exports. But perhaps just as iconic as the condiment itself is the stylish bottle designed by Kenji Ekuan in 1961. Ekuan passed away in 2015 at the age of 85 but his design lives on. Not only did it go on to receive numerous design awards but it has become a hallmark symbol of the company itself and remixed by others. Here, we take a look at some gorgeous advertisements created for Kikkoman that incorporate the glass bottle. […]

A powerful image that conjures up the soy sauce bottle through color and form. Created by Maho Kudo from ad agency Dentsu

Created by Susumu Design, this image puts the soy sauce bottle at the center of the dining table

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