The hidden reason we need more clean energy, fast

… I’ve been thinking about energy use all wrong.
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As long as most of our energy still comes from fossil fuels, we’re in kind of a trap. Using less energy is our only real option to slow climate change. So most of us have heard only one message throughout our lives: “Conserve energy. Because terrible things will happen if we don’t.”

That’s true. But I now think of it as “the stick” of climate communication – the way to get people to care about climate change based on fear and desperation.

I think it’s time to talk about “the carrot” – the way to get people to work toward clean energy based on hope and audacious ambition.

This video explains why, with help from my former colleague at Vox, Matt Yglesias. As renewable energy continues to get cheaper, as more and more clean energy technologies become more viable, we have an opportunity to look ahead toward a better future. What would you do with abundant clean energy?

00:00 We’re thinking about energy wrong
01:17 The stick: climate change
02:25 Why you’re taught to conserve energy
03:23 Why we should use more clean energy
04:36 The carrot: energy abundance
05:38 Why poor countries need more energy
06:39 Why everyone needs more energy

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  1. I still think that research should go into Tesla’s direction: instead of creating energy from whatever reaction, use the energy that is there around us. Nobody will get rich though …

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