Photographer Uses 2 Million Photos To Show Moon’s Movement | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on March 30, 2022

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy spent a month chasing the Moon in order to create a gif that shows the beauty of its movement. Using over 2 million individual photos, he put together a spectacular look at how it “dances in the sky.” This dance is called libration and it’s the result of the Moon’s slightly tilted axis and elliptical orbit around Earth.

Inspired by the fact that he’d never seen a high-resolution gif of the lunar libration and rotation at zenith, McCarthy set out to create his own. This required him to photograph the Moon as it transited zenith every 25 hours for 26 days. Based on the weather forecast, he found himself traveling around Arizona to get the best view of the Moon. But, as we know, weather can be unpredictable. “One night had clear skies forecasted, and I ended up getting rained on. Another I was shooting through a dust storm,” he tells My Modern Met.[…]

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