Allusionist 152. Asperger — The Allusionist

Hans Asperger would have been merely “a footnote in the history of autism”, so why did he get to be the eponym in Asperger’s syndrome? Because along with the usual problems medical eponyms pose, and his work not really earning him the honour, he collaborated with Nazis and sent children to a hospital where they would be experimented on and even killed.
Activist, writer and academic Morénike Giwa Onaiwu discusses the stigma around terms like Asperger’s syndrome and autism, and historian Edith Sheffer talks about Hans Asperger and child psychiatry in Nazi Vienna.[…]

Listen [2 versions]: Allusionist 152. Asperger — The Allusionist

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2 Responses to Allusionist 152. Asperger — The Allusionist

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  2. I had no idea that Asperger had a part in these atrocities! He should not get this publicity, which calling a “condition” after him will give him (post mortem, I presume, but still). It gives the impression that he was a serious scientist.
    One of these monsters fled to Latin America, Mengele.


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