Adapting to Our New Climate | Solving for Zero: The Search for Climate Innovation

n the next 30 years, climate change could affect enough of the planet to cause as many as 200 million displaced persons—four times as many as World War II. Although steps are being taken to reduce our carbon emissions, we also need innovations to help us adapt to our new climate. Meet those who are making it possible.

This video is Episode Eight from the series Solving for Zero: The Search for Climate Innovation.

00:00 How Climate Change Impacts Farmers
02:48 Addressing Food Security Challenges
05:06 Developing Resilient Maize
08:02 Producing Flood-Resistant Rice
09:42 Methane Reduction and Climate Smart Villages
13:52 Implications of Forced Migration
16:45 Preparing for Sea Level Rise
20:16 What is Coastal Carbon Capture?
25:04 Next Steps for Coastal Carbon Capture

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