Striking Photos Look Like Curious Snapshots of Surreal Dreamscapes | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on May 1, 2022

These are what dreams are made of.

Suspended somewhere between reality and a dream, Oleg Oprisco‘s photographs are instantly mesmerizing. The Ukrainian artist uses enigmatic figures, scenic destinations, and a variety of eye-catching props to curate surreal settings that envelop viewers with a sense of wonder.

His goal is to create images that capture the ambiguous, mutable visuals often evoked while reading a book. “Endless inspiration surrounds us everywhere,” Oprisco tells My Modern Met. “These are locations, people, and scenes of real life. I capture these moments and then improve them, add meaning, work on details, select colors, and add decor.” During this process, he uses his imagination to find areas of the composition that can be enhanced with conceptual additions to the clothing and background.

Instead of relying on digital alterations, Oprisco believes in creating as much as he can by hand. “I create real props for all photos. This preparation is long, but also very inspiring and gives me the opportunity to think about the whole image of the character, their pose and clothes, and basic mood,” he continues. Ultimately, these props become devices to communicate the story hidden within the photo—whether that be a feeling or an activity. “I like to show the interaction of man and nature, as well as hyperbolize and complicate simple scenes,” Oleg adds. “It’s like creating a puzzle or riddle using simple tools.”[…]

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