5 Animals that went EXTINCT but are now back in the UK!

In the past, for various reasons, animals have gone extinct in the UK. This video show five of them that have managed to find their way back into the countryside, through reintroductions, rewilding, accidental releases and some in ways that aren’t publicly known.
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Some of the footage used in this video was obtained using creative commons licences, the originals and their licence details can be found at:

The bittern and bison images for the thumbnail is creative commons, the originals are at: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fi…

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2 Responses to 5 Animals that went EXTINCT but are now back in the UK!

  1. It was interesting to learn that some of these animals were already extinct in Britain very early in our era. I do believe that most animals get extinct because of loss of habitat and hunting (humans).
    I am not sure the capercaillie (that name looks very gaelic) ever existed in Denmark, but it doesn’t now. We don’t really have the mountain ranges, where they seem to live. The only wild chicken like birds we have are coots and pheasants. The bittern however is not endangered here. We have lots of moor and wetlands for them. I have not seen any, but I have heard them. They are hard to make out in between the reeds.
    The Danes have successfully reintroduced moose and beavers, and lately tried it with European bisons, the result of which has to be seen. Wolves have reintroduced themselves (they are not that welcome though 😉 ).
    The Danes are taking good care of their white-tailed eagles and golden eagles.
    I like the “private reintroduction initiatives” …

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