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5 Animals that went EXTINCT but are now back in the UK!

In the past, for various reasons, animals have gone extinct in the UK. This video show five of them that have managed to find their way back into the countryside, through reintroductions, rewilding, accidental releases and some in ways that … Continue reading

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Things you need to know about BLACKBIRDS!

A short fact file about the Common Blackbird, including information about their diet, their appearance, how and when they nest and much more! The blackbird is the fourth most common garden bird in the UK and a familiar sight around … Continue reading

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The top secret plan to explode a nuclear bomb in Yorkshire

In the 1960s, America was running “Operation Plowshare”: the idea that perhaps nuclear bombs could be used for peace, not war. At least some British scientists had similar ambitions, and it involved setting off a nuclear bomb under Wheeldale, in … Continue reading

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Ian Hislop embarrasses MPs in their own select committee on lobbying and transparency

Ian Hislop, Solomon Hughes and Richard Brooks of Private Eye attended the parliamentary select committee on standards to give evidence today. Proceedings became combative and at times cringeworthy as the journalists began reading out the MPs’, who were meant to … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 – Ramblings, The Golden Road, Pembrokeshire

A boggy adventure in the Preseli Hills of west Wales. Clare explores part of a challenging route in the Preseli Hills taken by hardy cattle drovers who, over generations, would walk herds of two to three hundred animals from Pembrokeshire … Continue reading

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A $950,000,000,000 Scam Unleashes A New Pandemic, w Stephen Fry.

A more deadly pandemic emerges and US corporations buy the NHS. Voiced by Stephen Fry Please sign the petition to stop NHS privatisation: https://www.yournhsneedsyou.com/

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What is Hanukah and how is it celebrated in Britain?

Nathan Abrams Professor of Film Studies, Bangor University The British Jewish community celebrate Hanukah in a way that borrows traditions from the US as well as Israel. The festive season is upon us with the start of the eight-day festival … Continue reading

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Hindenburg WAS NOT the DЕАDLIEST airship accident: Forgotten British Giant R.101

The crash of the British airship R101 is not as well known as the famous Zeppelin Hindenburg Disaster. Nonetheless, the R.101 disaster still remains the biggest tragedy in history among commercial airships. On October 4th, 1930, the giant airship R-101 … Continue reading

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HPBD Mr PC | Steve Berry Basiccally

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The Welsh Influence in Liverpool and on the Scouse accent – videopodcast in English.

The Welsh influence in Liverpool is the result of migration from Wales into the city of Liverpool, beginning in the 18th century . These migrants came in search of work and made a huge impression on Liverpool. In the the … Continue reading

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