Replacement Theory Is Everywhere. Here’s Why.

On May 14, an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, NY, killing 10. All 10 were Black, something the gunman specifically sought out. As it was revealed shortly after, in his writings, he ascribed not only to white supremacist ideology, but identified himself as an “eco-fascist,” falling into not only a growing trend but also into something very uniquely American.

The Replacement Theory has been in headlines since the Buffalo shooting and, while its been attributed to the current crop of the right in this country, it’s actually something that underpins much of U.S. history, as well as modern development work.

In this episode of “Backspace,” Sana delves into the nefarious origins of the overpopulation myth, how the media continues to promote it, and how it doesn’t have any place in the conversation and coverage around the climate crisis.

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