How the Vikings Changed the English Language

About 600-900 common English words come from Old Norse that was the language of the Vikings. In this video we look at the history of the Vikings in Britain and how they influenced the English language. If English is not your first language you’ll learn a lot of vocabulary and useful expressions too.

0:00 What is Old Norse?
01:64 The Brittonic Tribes
02:48 The Romans
03:25 The Anglo-Saxons
04:32 The Vikings
05:26 Viking names in modern Britain
06:18 Old Norse influence on Modern English
09:41 Is English a Scandinavian language?
13:52 Old English/Old Norse doublets
14:59 The ill- prefix
17:05 Egg on and Scot free
18:42 10 Viking words to improve your vocabulary
21:22 Norn and Nynorn

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4 Responses to How the Vikings Changed the English Language

  1. That was very interesting, and I could recognize a lot of the words and grammar similarities also in nowadays Danish and Swedish. Danes are usually very good at English. I noticed the many Nordic place names, when I went to see my friend in Lincolnshire.
    I think German is the only European language with the verb at the end of a sentence (I don’t know about Dutch). My husband always complains about it. He says when one gets to the end of a sentence, one has forgotten the beginning and therewith which verb to use.

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