Tai-Danae Bradley: Where math meets language | 3b1b Podcast #5

Tai-Danae Bradley does research applying tools from physics to understanding language models, all under the broader umbrella of category theory. She is also the brilliant mind behind the blog

Try out the episode sponsor: http://brilliant.org/3b1b

Guide to Tai-Danae’s thesis:

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Ad, Brilliant
2:08 – When did Tai-Danae know she wanted to study math?
13:52 – Why choose math over physics?
25:21 – What is Category Theory?
25:57 – Water Bottle Solo
40:15 – Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
46:54 – Academia vs Industry
52:06 – Blending AI with something
1:07:22 -Thesis Summary
1:27:39 – What should we be doing to ignite the math ‘spark’?

Edited by Ralph Crewe

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