Colour Swim 2022, Salford Quays

Quays Culture Colour Swim is back this September as part of We Invented the Weekend, a brand new festival at Media City, Salford Quays. 

After the success of Colour Swim at the Quays Festival 2021, here is another opportunity to don a coloured swimming hat and enjoy a fusion of cold water swimming, live Samba music and dance. Participants are invited to join in this playful mass dance from within the water.

Organised in partnership with Uswim, Colour Swim takes place outside in Dock 9 at Salford Quays. With choreography by Darren Pritchard led by Ghetto Fabulous along with the distinct live soundtrack courtesy of Manchester School of Samba! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this unique fusion of swimming, music and dance as part of We Invented the Weekend, a celebration of free time!  […]

More: Show Details: Colour Swim 2022

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  1. Sounds like fun. I guess that your school is playing?

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