How the DUTCH Changed the English Language


In this video you’ll discover the extraordinary influence of the Dutch and Flemish on the English Language. Well delve into the history, which includes a look Dutch and Flemish immigration, the economic and trading rivalry between England and the Netherlands as well as four bloody wars. We’ll also look at the Dutch in America as well as Expressions about the Dutch in English. If English is not your first language you’ll learn a lot of vocabulary too.

00:00 Some Dutch food words and some stats
04:39 About geeks
05:13 NordVpn – sponsored
06:49 A history of the Dutch and Flemish in England
14:39 England and the Netherlands at war
15:55 English expressions about the dastardly Dutch
18:33 The Dutch in New Amsterdam
19:19 Hankering for more Dutch vocabulary

Ian Fleming – photo
By Unknown – Original publication: UnknownImmediate source:…, Fair use,…

By Theo Kruse Burgers' Zoo – Aardvarken – Burgers' Zoo, CC BY-SA 4.0,…

DUTCH WORDS read by Robin Ijsinga

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