This Is What a Supermassive Black Hole Sounds Like! Real Sound Recording 2022 (4K)

Have you ever wondered what a supermassive black hole sounds like? Black holes are powerful cosmic objects that are so monstrous that not even light can escape their grasp. So how could such a thing make any sound? Well, since 2003, the black hole at the heart of the Perseus galaxy cluster has been associated with sound. This is because astronomers discovered that sound waves emitted by the black hole generated ripples in the cluster’s hot gas that could be translated into a note, one that humans cannot hear. Now a new sonification brings more notes to this black hole sound machine. This new sonification, that is, the translation of astronomical data into sound, is being released for NASA’s Black Hole Week 2022.
Now we can listen to the eerie sound of a black hole.

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0:00 Black Hole Sound Explanation
2:49 Real Black Hole Sound Recording


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2 Responses to This Is What a Supermassive Black Hole Sounds Like! Real Sound Recording 2022 (4K)

  1. Daedalus Lex says:

    Beautiful, intriguing sound … but also perfect background noise for a supernatural horror movie soundtrack!

    Liked by 1 person

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