NORTH CITY MANCHESTER BUILDING BOOM + some intriguing relics of the industrial age

In this video we take a walk around the area to the north of Manchester city centre to look at a small building boom that’s taking place. New apartments to rent and buy stand next to old relics of the industrial revolution era. How is this part of the city changing?
00:00 Introduction
00:45 Oldham Rd & Rochdale Rd
01:09 Goulden St police station
01:25 Broadside
01:40 Mulbury City
01:54 New Cross Central
02:23 Old industrial building Chadderton St
03:14 Ancoats Gardens
03:42 Sudell Street tenements
04:19 Misty view Collyhurst +Angel Meadow
04:44 NOMA district Co-operative buildings
05:22 Demolished Ducie pub
05:32 New Victoria
06:05 Strangeways Prison

At the end I refer to Manchester’s Strangeways prison and ask a question I’ve been wondering about: Are there planning laws that prevent a tall building from being constructed right next to a prison?

The music in the video is by Unicorn Heads and the name of the track is URL Melt. Selected from the YouTube Audio Library.


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