COLOUR WORDS: The astounding origins of “blue”, “black”, “orange”, “red” & other colors

Prepare to be amazed by the surprising origins of the English words for colours (or colors for our American friends). I promise you’ll have at least one “wow” moment as I reveal:
🔵 Why the Ancient Greeks had no word for BLUE.
🔶 How the fruit “ORANGE” came before the colour.
◼️ Why BLACK used to mean WHITE.
🔴 Which colour we named first (I’ve given you a hint)
💿 Why there are two ways to spell GREY/GRAY
🌈 And much, much more.

Find out the etymologies of black, white, gray, blue, brown, green, orange, purples, pink, red and yellow – from their origins thousands of years ago, through Old English and into the present day.

Let’s enjoy some colourful language!


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