HALOA \ an origin story

This is the mythological genesis of Hawaii’s first food, taro, grown under tears of love to nourish the first kanaka, the first human being. This is the story of Haloa, as told by residents of the island of Kauai.

a MUD\FILMS & Redfitz Production

Puna Kalama Dawson, Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama, Koko Seedarita, Parker Smith, Wai’oli Forrest, Adam Roversi, Jason Ito, Kailoa Forrest, Kawai Davis, Sydney Doi, Lei Wann, Kaisen Carrillo
Voiceover: Lei’ohu Ryder

Executive Producers
Chris Keener, Dersu Rhodes, Shane Heath

Writer / Director / Producer / DP
Nick Fitzhugh

Co-Director / Editor
Chris Besecker

Associate Producers
Ikaika Pidot, Puna Kalama Dawson

Original Music
Moshe Bonen, Cody Pueo Pata, Punahou School

About agogo22

Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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