Japanese Shoppers Are Striking ‘C’ Off Brands’ Logos For A Heartfelt Cause – DesignTAXI.com

By Mikelle Leow, 12 Sep 2022

C isn’t just for cookie.

You’d think that for a nation that loves its cats and cosplay, ‘C’ would be one of its favorite letters of the English alphabet. On the contrary, the character is being canceled in Japan through the month of September.

Brands with the letter C in their names are actually encouraging the public to remove it off their logos, as part of a campaign to fund cancer treatment research, called Operation deleteC. By now, you would have guessed that ‘C’ stands for the dreaded cancer. C u never, cancer.


Beloved snack company Calbee is among the initiative’s active participants, and it’s started a social media movement asking fans to strike off the first letter from its logomark in any way they can think of across all of its products.


Customers with a pack at home may simply cancel the letter with a marker. Some have deleted the C by covering it with stickers, while others have involved their pets or soft toys in the project.

Suntory’s C.C. Lemon beverage happens to have two of the initial in its moniker, so it’s decided to join in on the effort, as well.

As reported by grape Japan, stationery label Kokuyo has activated its customers to get all crass on the letter C for its popular Campus notebook line, as has glue company Cemedine for its stationery products.

Obviously, crossing out the C isn’t the only action taken in the movement. For every post created by the public for the campaign, participating brands have promised to donate ¥100 (US$0.70) to accelerate research for cancer recovery. Further, a simple retweet or like of a related post by partnering companies generates ¥10.

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