Meta-Materials: Invisibility Cloasks, Superlenses, And Earthquake Protection


Metamaterials are the next technological stage “after” materials. It’s a research area that has progressed incredibly quickly in the past decade, and that includes superlenses, invisibility cloaks, earthquake protection, and also chocolate. Yes, chocolate. What are metamaterials, and what are they good for? That’s what we’ll talk about today.

The 2000 PRL from Pendry is here…

Aaron Danner’s raytracing paper is here:…

The paper from Lee et al about the first superlens is this:….

The paper about the hyperlens is here:…

The infrared invisibility cloak that hides the mouse is here:…

The video from Hyperstealth Corp is here:

The paper about magnetic metamaterials to improve wireless power transfer is here:…

The paper about the acoustic directional reflector is this:…

The paper for hiding from ultrasound underwater is here:

The paper about the acoustic invisibility cloak is this:

The two papers about earthquake protection are those:……

And the paper about meta-chocolate is here:…

00:00 What are Metamaterials?
01:38 Negative Refraction and Superlenses
08:24 Invisibility Shields
11:58 Phononic Crystals
14:00 Earthquake Protection
16:25 Meta-Chocolate
17:12 Sponsor Message

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