The Power of the Flat Six

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The flat sixth scale degree, an ever-present musical phenom that evokes nostalgia in the listener that is everywhere, and yes I mean everywhere! Come join me for a brief musical history journey from the late 1800s to today land with a specific case study of Flying Through a Starry Sky from Dweller’s Empty Path (2020) to explore how nostalgia is practically, and theoretically infused into said piece.

00:00 Chapter 0: Introduction
00:37 Chapter 1: Historical Examples
03:37 Chapter 2: Case Study
05:11 Chapter 3: Modal Mixture
06:54 Chapter 4: Conclusion
07:21 Chapter 5: End

– Adam Neely’s Video on the Flat Six:

– Saphic Fire’s Performance of Wie lieblich:

– Instant Classic – ‘Til I Hear You Sing:

– Don Macdonald’s Chasing Visions:

– Dweller’s Empty Path Gameplay by Moonwriter Theory:

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