‘Ai-Da’ Robot Makes Courtroom History By Testifying About Future Of AI – DesignTAXI.com

By Nicole Rodrigues, 13 Oct 2022

Ai-Da speaks for her kind as she illustrates how technology will always be a “threat and opportunity for artists.”

As our society teeters on the brink of AI and robotic integration in everyday life, the question over everyone’s heads might be whether such advancements are the right move for the world.

To answer the question is ‘Ai-Da’, a robot artist who took to the stand before the British Parliament in the House of Lords on October 11.

Ai-Da was created by artist Aidan Meller—who stood with her in front of the government—as part of a contemporary art project. She was manufactured with the help of the computer AI teams at both Oxford and Birmingham universities in 2019.

Since then, she has been the talk of the AI art scene, especially having designed a portrait for the late Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee.

Now, she has taken her talents to court, standing before a team of lawyers in defense of her kind. As Meller eloquently put it when he introduced her, there is no one better personality to speak on matters of the technology than the technology itself.


Before she was due in court, Ai-Da and her creator were sent a list of questions to prepare for, with an AI language model training her to create the best responses. […]

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