From sheep to sea – an ode to the iconic sweater that warms Cornish sailors | Aeon Videos

It all begins with the sheep who wears the fleece: a seafaring ode to the sweater that’s warmed Cornish sailors for centuries

Famed for its indigo shade of the ocean and its place-specific knit pattern, the iconic sweater known as ‘the gansey’ has been worn by Cornish sailors on seaward journeys since the 18th century. In the short film Cast Out With Love, based on a poem of the same name, the UK-based filmmaker Greg Dennis takes viewers through the crafting process, from sheep-shearing to dying to knitting, capturing traditional techniques that have deep cultural, coastal roots. The striking visuals are accompanied by an ethereal sea shanty and poetic musings on the gansey’s qualities and place in Cornish lore. Through his own craftsmanship, Dennis highlights not only the expertise and engineering that goes into each hand-knit sweater, but also the heart and soul. […]

Source: From sheep to sea – an ode to the iconic sweater that warms Cornish sailors | Aeon Videos

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