Nuclear Waste: What Do We Do With It?


How much nuclear waste is there, how dangerous is it, what can we do with it? Today we look into nuclear waste disposal and nuclear waste recycling.

The website that lets you calculate the radiation dose from uranium is here:

Numbers about the amount of nuclear waste are from here:…

The recent study about nuclear waste from small modular reactors is here:…

More info about the final nuclear waste deposit site from Posiva Oy in Finland is here:…

The 1984 study about how to build a final deposit site is here:…

The 1993 Report from Sandia Lab is here:

More about the recycling in La Hague here:

The report with the comparison of different nuclear fuel cycles is this:…

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00:00 Intro
01:26 How Much Waste and What Type?
07:26 What Happens to Nuclear Waste?
10:38 Nuclear Waste Storage
16:05 Nuclear Waste Recycling
20:29 Summary

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