What Streets Do You Want? Fixing Urban Planning in Paris and Barcelona

Urban heat, air pollution, road safety: All cities face the same challenges, just the solutions are different. Paris (15-Minute City) Barcelona (Superblocks), Groningen (Quality of Life Program) feature in this DW documentary. Three European cities with unique histories and common problems: How to reduce pollution, adapt to heatwaves and become more livable. As the world’s urban populations continue to swell, the way cities deal with these challenges will be crucial for us all.

Some people say we can rethink the cities we live in for the better. But what does that actually mean? How can we reclaim and reuse our own cities to make THEM cooler and cleaner, and US happier and healthier? A DW Rev special report.

Other versions:
¿Podemos reinventar nuestras ciudades para vivir mejor? | https://youtu.be/fgSw2gMrsFA
Ist es möglich, unsere Städte für ein besseres Leben neu zu gestalten? https://youtu.be/-OAatV4jNpY

00:00 Mean Streets
02:42 Changing Narratives
07:07 Give Fiets a chance
07:33 No Traffic Lights
08:47 Groningen’s Quality of Life
11:49 More space for people = Less space for cars
12:32 Jan Kamensky, the Visual Utopian
13:18 Barcelona: Superblocks = Super Islands
15:12 The Bike Bus
17:42 Vocal critics remain
19:40 People resist change
20:35 Time travel in Hamburg
22:02 Parisians were ready for change
24:29 The changing face of Paris
26:38 The 15-Minute City explained
28:33 imagining the Champs-Élysées
30:56 Taking the long view
32:16 Dystop-IAA

A film by
Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo & Michael Trobridge


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