Historical Figures Brought To Life (Akhenaten, King Charles II, Bach, Mata Hari)

691,713 views 16 Dec 2021 #MysteryScoop #BroughtToLife #HistoricalFigures
► Historical Figures Brought To Life Using AI Technology. AI motion by Mystery Scoop
► The photos of the subjects in this video have been digitally manipulated and brought to life using AI technology. Images have been enhanced, colorized and facial motion added (including smiling, ageing etc.), using AI tools and Photoshop. This video is part of a series where historical figures are brought to life using AI tech. Please note, AI generated portraits may not be historically accurate.

Featured in this video:
00:00 Historical Figures Brought To Life, Intro
00:06 Akhenaten, Egyptian Pharaoh
01:18 King Charles II, c.1660
02:30 Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer, 1748
03:42 Beautiful Betty, by Albert Lynch, c.1890
04:54 Karl Marx, by E. Dutertre, 1882
06:04 Carries The War Staff, Crow woman, by Richard Throssel, c.1909
07:16 Frederick Fleet, Titanic survivor, 1912
08:31 Mata Hari, passport photo, 1916

Contributing artists:
Hadi Karimi


About agogo22

Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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