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By Sara Barnes on December 19, 2022

Best. Grandpa. Ever.

One Redditor is helping keep his grandson safe while giving the child an enchanting place to sleep. In a viral post, user libertyordeaaathh built a special bedroom setup for the child, who has autism. “Some kids with autism and other conditions need a safety bed to keep them safe and contained,” he shared alongside a video tour of the space. The result keeps his grandson’s well-being in mind while making it an inviting environment with sweet murals depicting Winnie the Pooh and friends.

Libertyordeaaathh begins the tour by walking toward the back of the room. Doing so leads to a secondary door with a painted entrance; Eeyore the donkey and Tigger the tiger greet him there. The Redditor shows that he can open the door to the space and enjoy the blue-lit room contained within. Or, if need be, he can open the entire wall—it’s on a hinge—like a door to reveal the whole thing.

In the small room is a bed that perfectly fits the custom-built space and has murals on the wall depicting the interior of Pooh Bear’s home. There’s a pot of honey on a kitchen table and a painted window looking out to a grassy landscape. The grandpa then demonstrates that the bed is on wheels, and straps can be used to pull it from the enclosed space into the rest of the room.

To ensure that this bed would be safe in the event of an emergency, libertyordeaaathh consulted with the local fire department who familiarized themselves with the bed and gave feedback throughout the design process. The Redditor, having done a lot of research, also installed multiple fire detection systems, CO2 monitoring, and alarms as well as temperate monitoring and cameras. The bed meets governmental and bedding standards and all materials have been treated for flame resistance.

The response to the safety bed has been overwhelmingly positive. “Your grandson may not currently have the capacity to fully process your efforts, but I do hope he’ll eventually show his gratitude to you for this beautiful thing you made for him,” one Redditor wrote. “Cuz lol, I’m just an Autistic young adult who’s a stranger on the internet, & I feel so grateful for what you did. I can’t imagine what your grandson must be feeling right now!”

Watch a Redditor give a tour of the space he made for his grandson who has autism. It features sweet murals and a safety bed:

Source: Grandpa Builds Bedroom To Make Autistic Grandson Feel Safe

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