Who Are The Yoruba People?


Yorubaland is the homeland of the Yoruba people. With a population of 46 million the Yoruba are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.

The Yoruba built one of the largest empires in West Africa and crafted some of humanity’s finest art. Their artists are famous worldwide and no other African culture has affected the Americas and Caribbean as much as the Yoruba who left their mark through people, dance, food and the religions of Santeria, and Candomblé.

So who are the Yoruba, what is their history, and what does it have to do with a Galactic Universe Creating Chicken? Well, let’s find out.

This video was researched and written by Deborah Oliveira.

The illustrations were created by Chico De La Historia, https://twitter.com/ChicoDLHistoria


About agogo22

Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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