Illuminating Underwater Photos Highlight the Gentle Beauty of Whales | My Modern Met

By Regina Sienra on January 7, 2023

“It is very emotional to be with them underwater in their environment. Especially because they are huge and intelligent animals.”

Whales are the gentle giants of the ocean. They lead fascinating lives with lengthy migratory cycles, communicate through song, and are generally friendly toward humans. However, their habitats are constantly threatened and their species are in danger due to poor fishing practices. A couple of ways to raise awareness and understand what’s at stake are whale photography, and when possible, taking the opportunity to see them up close. Mike Korostelev, a photographer and guide from Whale Watching Expeditions, knows this very well. He shares the fragile beauty of these beasts in a series of powerful underwater whale photographs.

Korostelev has been taking pictures of whales since 2016 and has traveled far and wide to do so. He’s trekked to Tonga, Mauritius, Norway, Sri Lanka, and beyond and has swum with whales of all kinds. “I’ve always wanted to share my experience with people have who never seen whales but who dream of meeting them one day,” he tells My Modern Met. […]

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